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Jul 2, 2021

Aconite founders Star St. Germain and Nadya Lev and lead designer Scott Jon Siegel join us to discuss their beautiful, mixed reality mind bender HoloVista. We chat about embracing hidden object game design, telling personal stories through a lens of social media, and subverting the selfie museum.

Show notes:


Star St. Germain

Nadya Lev

Scott Jon Sigel



The Fallen Cosmos


Journey to the End of the Night

Ian Bogost

Jane McGonigal

Gardens of Time

How Return of the Obra Dinn Works 


Blake Kathryn

Nour: Play With Your Food

Andrew Morgan

Andi Hegedus 

MTV Cribs

Meow Wolf


Museum of Ice Cream


Cory O'Brien


Sara Carr

Mesmer & Braid: The Alternate Reality Game

Steve Peters 

Nick Tierce